2011 – a new year, a fresh start

Hello dear readers!
I’m sorry for the long overdue post. The end of 2010 was super busy for me and I’m finally settling into 2011~

First some updates on how I ended the year. I have finally become a smartphone user! It was a tough decision on what phone I would choose. Because this was my first smartphone, I wanted to get something that was both good and also durable. After much research my final two choices were between the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S. Apple vs. Samsung, iOS vs. Android, Evil vs. Good (haha). You can probably tell which phone I thus selected. I don’t wanna bore you with the details of my painstakingly deliberate process but I’ll just run through a quick breakdown of things I considered. The two phones mentioned were VERY similar spec-wise. Both have fast processors, sufficient RAM, beautiful resolution screens, front and rear cameras, as well as other things. Even the hardware was a toss-up. Sure the more establish iOS was good and all but the growing popularity and usefulness of the Android OS could not be denied. As for size, the Galaxy S is a bit bigger due to the 4.0inch screen (compared to the iPhone 4’s 3.5inch) but it’s also lighter due to the materials it is constructed with. Considering brand names, I have always been a bit anti-Apple, don’t ask me why – I don’t know if you know but I refused to join the iPod ‘revolution’/bandwagon, instead opting to get an iRiver mp3 player (way back when the mp3 wars were going on). Although later on in my college life and subsequent ‘working out’ days the size and convenience of the iPod shuffle almost tempted me to get one. However, due to just pure dumb luck or laziness (probably the latter ha) I never bought another mp3 player besides the aforementioned iRiver. Anywho, suffice it to say I bought the Galaxy S~All other things considered, the fact that I wanted to stay (remain) in Korea for another year (or more?) contributed mightily to my purchase. While I hope this doesn’t happen to me but in case my phone experiences ‘technical difficulties’ it would be much EASIER to get it fixed (and soon) then if I were to get an iPhone (since it is imported). Price was a small factor (both phones if bought without a contract cost upwards of $800! – however the iPhone being an ‘import’ product is not generous in its monthly plan pricing either..) I also have an ‘aunt’ who helped me get the phone with a contract and her phone company was SK Telecom (which carried the Galaxy S). I’ve been using this phone for almost a month now and while not perfect, it certainly isn’t too shabby either! I’m a total smartphone noob though and so I need to ‘study’ and play with it to get the full functionality of my phone. I’m sure with much trial and error, I’ll be a great smartphone user soon! Here’s a pic of my prized possession (seriously it’s like the most expensive thing I’ve EVER owned hehe)

I really like the big screen and it fits in my hand quite nicely too!

(Unfortunately) the girls in the picture did not come with the phone (aw~) my phone is also the standard ‘metallic black’ color.

Speaking of girls, to my female friends I’m sorry to break the news to yall but I am no longer single. I’ve got a girlfriend now. (Way to start the new year, eh? ;))
Thus ended my 2010 – with a girlfriend and smartphone in hand I marched onward into 2011!
2011 greeted me quite coldly, this is my first time experiencing winter in Korea and it sure came with a vengeance! Coming from Texas, I was not used to snow. Whenever it snowed in Texas, it was a real treat and it usually vanished as soon as it came. However, in Korea the snow comes often and does not leave! Well, it’s more like the weather stays below freezing practically everyday…a ‘nice day’ in Korea is still between -6 and 0 degrees Celsius! Oh my effing goodness that’s CRAZY! Even when I bundle up in 3-4 layers of clothing, my hands and feet feel like blocks of ice whenever I step outside. It’s gotten to the point where I have invested in a ‘heating pad’ to help me sleep at night. (although now that I’ve got this thing I really enjoy it and my back certainly appreciates it :D) I really don’t like snow anymore, I miss being able to wear shorts outside at this time in Texas…
Regardless, I’m still trucking along, going to work Monday-Friday and traveling on the weekends. Now that I have a girlfriend, I usually meet her up and we spend time together on the weekends. It’s pretty sweet ^^
I don’t feel so depressed and negative about life anymore, things have started turning up and I will continue to stay positive about life and things~
Here’s one of my ‘secrets’ to staying positive – it’s quite simple really, and it’s…*drumroll please* drinking more milk! I was never into milk back in the states due to my being somewhat lactose-intolerant. However, I can drink a lot of milk in Korea and I digest it just fine! Also I was never a big fan of ‘flavored milk’ back home but now I have really grown quite attached to a particular brand of ‘flavored milk.’ Yes~I am now a huge fan of 바나나맛우유 (bah naa naa maht wooyoo – literally translated as Banana flavored milk)! Maybe it’s something in the banana flavor or the cleverly hexagonal container design or the tiny little straw you have to drink it out of but this stuff is GREAT! Apparently this milk is quite famous in Korea, meaning it’s been around for a while. Although the particular milk ‘brand’ that carries it doesn’t make good regular milk. they sure make good ‘flavored 우유!’ I could go on for another blog post about the joys of milk in Korea but I’ll leave that to another day~
Again, here’s ONE of my secrets to being positive and enjoying my time in Korea – 바나나맛 우유!


  1. You mentioned that the girls in the photo did not come with the phone. Did they influence you in making your decision? Really? Just admit it! (Did it ever strike you as being strange that that picture has three girls, but four hands? Seems like two girls would’ve been enough…)

    Anyways, I’m really happy for you, man. You’re up to date on the latest technology, got a potentially fruitful relationship being cultivated, and are taking in the nutrients you need for a healthy and balanced diet. Seems like you’re in good shape. But, when you go through the valleys again, know that there are people who care about you, and there is one who is watching over us.

  2. banana milk eh….sounds delicious!

    and yea, ur female friends are gonna be disappointed with the start of 2011, haha

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