alcohol in korea and…in general

So I may have mentioned this before but incase I didnt ill start again..

Koreans drink a Ton of alcohol. Im currently drinking a beer as I write this. Lol maybe im becoming more Korean? Anyways I think alcohol is a decent companion…drinking with friends and enjoying each others company is a fun and sometimes interesting experience!kk Of course alcohol is a drug…and maybe just maybe I like drugs a bit too much. However I just like to enjoy things in moderation.(although sometimes things get a little outta hand~)

That being said…I have learned that alcohol is a big and important part of Korean culture no pun intended. While i sometimes wish my tolerance were a bit higher(ya know…cuz Koreans can drink so damn  effing much!) I dont like to throw up afterwards..I Freaking HATE that feeling. Also ther drink of choice here, soju tastes awful…maybe its cuz im from Texas but I like beer (altho my belly prolly doesnt like it)

The moral of the story is…everything is good in moderation even a drug as powerful as alcohol. Cuz you one can win against it..youre just goin along for the ride…just dont get Swept Away or youre #@*!

Heres something i probably wouldnt admit while sober but…when I drink my mind wanders…and i start to think or remember stuff. Including my ex girlfriend.

I guess being in Korea can be a lonely experience..While there are definite Ups..its sad but true that what comes up must come Down. So yea..I definitely remember my ex..even though it was I who kicked her to the curb(metaphorically speaking mind you..)

I guess its not easy being a foreigner in this country..there are lots of cultural differences and im still learning the swing of things..kk But its fun…I am living a dream…all those scenes from Korean dramas that I watched those years ago..Im freaking LIVING it!! Hahaha maybe im still a child but Hey ya gotta enjoy the little things thats what makes life worthwhile heh.

Aight folks and whoevers reading ma blog..Its 2am and im gonna try and get some sleep and I hope that when I wake up my hangovers not too bad(i sincerely hope..)^^7

Take care yall.
Have a good night
Until next time~

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