Trilogie part II.

Hello dear peoples. I don’t have anything in particular to share with yall and so after almost a YEAR I’ll be showing off my cruddy writing skills again haha, you have been warned…

*DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Any names of real characters, places, and organizations in the story are purely coincidental.*

Andre was now a High School student. Maybe it was due to his ethnic background but Andre had a quiet personality. He made friends easily but only a few would remain as he transitioned into High School. It wasn’t until 12th grade or so that puberty finally caught up to Andre and he began to notice girls in a different way. Actually it was more like societal circumstance that forced this change in Andre. 12th grade is an important time in one’s school life, getting ready for university or just graduating period. However, the highlight of 12th grade could be said to be Prom. Ah, prom, a social butterfly’s worst nightmare come true. Andre had made some new friends in Middle School, his best friend Preston had moved to another state due to his father’s changing jobs. Andre’s new close friends were two; Dimitry and Johan. Dimitry and Johan were also sons of immigrants and bonded with Andre quickly. Dimitry was quiet like Andre but had a sharp intellect and wit. There were countless times when Andre would say something only to be rebutted (read:corrected) by Dimitry. It was all in good fun and Andre really appreciated Dimitry’s honesty and blunt nature. Johan on the other hand was quite the talented troublemaker. Johan had a passion for sports and entertainment and helped introduce to his friends the sport of Basketball. The three of them would play basketball almost weekly and each gradually improving over time. Now, Dimitry being the shy guy he is decided against going to Prom believing it to be a waste of time and money. Johan however, was one to never shy away from such venues that included dancing. Johan decided to go and thus it was Andre’s time to decide. Andre had heard stories about Prom, about fancy suits and limousines and a beautiful girl to take as a date. Andre had yet to experience anything close to a relationship thus far, the closest thing would probably have been his respect and admiration for Miss Catalano back in Elementary school. As luck would have it though, in his senior year Andre decided to take an ‘easy course’ called P.E. Foundations. This course was required but somehow Andre had forgotten to take it until his senior year. One day while studiously listening to his teacher, something hit Andre in the back of the head. It was a rolled up paper note containing nothing but one question: “Are you going to Prom?” Andre looked around him but couldn’t tell who threw the paper. In his mind, he was hoping it was from a girl 🙂 The bell rang and class ended when someone tapped Andre’s shoulder. Lo and behold it was the junior Lucy, a popular girl who many guys would have loved to take to Prom. Andre asked what was up and Lucy replied: “I threw the note at you.” Andre was surprised, to have Lucy talking to him out of the blue, was something unimaginable. Andre replied that he had yet to decide when suddenly Lucy wondered if she could be his date! Not thinking anything other than the fact that this popular girl was asking him to Prom Andre quickly agreed to go. (his hormones were raging) Only later on would Andre realize the severity of his choice…

(fast forward after Prom)

Prom was a disaster. Dimitry was completely right when he said it was a waste of both time and money. Andre had no idea how much he would have to spend for Prom and that basically the guy pays for practically everything for his date. All that money spent and for what!? To be ditched by his date as soon as they entered the dance hall and see her having a good time and flirting with other seniors? Andre was glad Johan had gone to Prom because then he had someone to talk to and enjoy some drinks. After the events of Prom, Andre would begin to distrust girls. It turns out that Lucy wanted to get back at her boyfriend who didn’t want to take her to prom and so poor Andre was just used and tossed away..

(fast forward to University)

Andre had graduated high school and had decided to go to university, much to his parents’ delight. Andre only applied to the local state university but it was located quite a ways from his hometown. Johan and Dimitry both decided on the nearby university and it pained Andre to have to leave his friends. 4 years flew by and Andre was facing a quarter life crisis (He was 25). The economy looked bleak and Andre didn’t do spectacular back in school. One day he received a letter from one of his classmates from university. Within that letter lied an opportunity that Andre couldn’t pass up.

Thus ends Part II.

I won’t give an estimate on when I’ll write the next part, don’t get your hopes up though haha it could be another few months away…

One comment

  1. Seems like a biography of someone I know. I didn’t know Andre liked his teacher in elementary school. Then again, there were teachers that I liked in elementary school too.

    Part fantasy, part reality huh.

    Remember K. Ngu…?

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