Truth and Regret

Hello my blog. My blog is my online journal/diary of sorts. I jot down anything that comes to my mind except it’s open for all the world to see. Maybe I am just crying out for attention but I just don’t give a damn…I’ve mentioned previously that writing in my blog is therapeutic for me and I’m currently in need of some therapy and therefore I will write..

I’ve got a lot of regrets in my life. Things I wish I could take back but can’t, things I could have done, should have done, would have done, etc..Today I will share some of those with you (my blog) but FIRST I’ve got some truths to share that I have come across in my life thus far. I’m almost a quarter century old (my birthday hasn’t passed yet hah) and while I’ve still got a lot to learn and go…here goes

  • What comes up, must come down (gravity of life)
  • What goes in, must come out (food among other things)
  • No pain, no gain
  • Loneliness comes and goes
  • I don’t like rainy days
  • I hate insects I think they should not exist at ALL
  • Shin Ramyun is spicy. (The chinese character for ‘spicy’ is pronounced Shin in Korean)
  • Everyone has problems
  • nobody is perfect
  • nothing lasts forever (well, an interesting documentary i saw about music would have to disagree heh)
  • the future is uncertain
  • hindsight is 20-20
  • this is a quote from a korean movie i saw i’ll write the korean and then translate it.
  • “세상에서 제일 중요한 ‘금’은 세가지 있어, 첫제는 누구나좋아하는 황금, 둘제는 사람이 필요한 소금, 마지막은…지금”
  • “In this world there are three important types of ‘geum’ First is everyone’s favorite ‘hwang geum’ (gold) the Second is what every body needs to live ‘so geum’ (salt), and the Last…is ‘jee geum’ (the present aka now)”

Now I will make some hypothetical maybe even rhetorical questions, please bear with me..

  • What if I had a girlfriend in high school/college?
  • What if I had gone to UTD instead of UT?
  • What if I had studied harder at UT instead of ‘wasting’ my time drinking and partying for 2 years..
  • What if I hadn’t chosen Advertising as my major?
  • What if I never knew about my past..?
  • What if I was born in Korea?
  • What if I got a job in the US?
  • What if I never came to Korea?
  • What if I never broke up with my ex-girlfriend…

These days I am in particular regret about the last one. I won’t got into the details but I was the one to break up with my ex, and it was both messy and clean. Messy in the sense that I’ve obviously got complicated emotions about it and clean in the sense that..she got the message loud and clear (maybe a little too clear is the problem)

It’s November and I guess this is the last of autumn(fall). My season is almost over…I say to everyone who will listen that I have ‘given up’ on getting a girlfriend this year. Obviously the future is unknown but yeah I guess maybe if I keep telling myself this shit I will get used to it…

11.11.11 is coming up soon, in Korea 11.11 is also known as ‘Pepero Day’ because ‘pepero’ is a chocolate cookie type snack that looks like a 1. Basically it’s a marketing ploy and apparently a big deal for couples where the guy (usually) buys his girlfriend some ‘pepero’ and then other gifts to celebrate it…pretty clever marketing ploy (from a strictly advertising point of view) I would also like to participate if only because the numbers line up so well this particular year. The year two thousand Eleven, in the Eleventh month, on the Eleventh day; pretty symbolic if ya ask me but you didn’t but i’ll tell you anyway becuz I can!

I need to lose weight aka fat aka lower my body fat percentage to respectable levels…(TRUTH)

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