800 days

Hello dear Interweb

I’ve been on my Korean adventure for 800 days now (give or take a few days due to the time zone differences hah). This is not a short amount of time! What have I been doing with these days you may ask. I’ve been working as a public school teacher for 2 years. I’d like to think I am ‘on the way up’ being that I was at a Middle school one year, a High School the next, and etc. To sum up things, my first few months in Korea were tough. I was placed in a VERY rural province with the entire population being about the size of the UT student populace. I wasn’t used to the weather and all that spicy food (ie kimchi!). After a year I decided I wanted to ‘move’ to the capital of the province because in my mind, it HAD to be better than where I was currently staying. I moved and I was right! I had a good time in the capital of Boonieville (yes I made that word up), met some good people, made a few good friends, and had a lot of new ‘firsts.’ To keep this blog PG-rated I won’t go into the details but some of my ‘firsts’ border the realm of debauchery hah hah..Now, in my 3rd year here, I have moved to Seoul, the heart of Korea, or the “Soul of Asia” (that’s the marketing slogan here, meh)

Living in Seoul is everything and nothing that I expected it to be. There are tons of people here so it IS lively, but as such there are also lots of unsightly things too, and on a grander scale than when I was living in the boonies. Also, the air in Seoul is definitely more polluted, again probably because of the staggering populace and the staggering amount of cars! Seriously, almost every household seems to have a car, and WHY? Then again, if I ever save up enough money I want to get a car but that’s mostly to impress my future girlfriend but I digress. The people in Seoul are all so busy and a bit rude. I can’t say this is everyone but I’ve had a few encounters with some rude and slightly disturbing people. They say that whenever you go to Seoul that you are ‘on the way up’ (this is the translated version of the Korean saying). I don’t really understand it and I don’t know if I ever will because technically from where I was living previously, my province was NORTH of Seoul. I guess since the ‘olden times’ of Korea, moving to Seoul was a way to ‘move up’ in the social ladder or way of life blah blah blah.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m sick but I am feeling a bit down to be honest these days. I’m sure this will pass and I will be back to my normal brooding self one day. I have seemingly got what I wanted, which was to leave the boonies and move to Seoul..I guess human greed has no limits. I no longer go on as many ‘adventures’ as I used to now that I live in Seoul. I do have a somewhat ‘goal’ taking shape though. Along the way, sometime in the future I would like to visit New York. Apparently according to ‘How I met your mother,’ it’s the greatest city on Earth. Seoul may not be New York, but I think it’s a makeshift wannabe copy, the huge populace can certainly compare.

Growing up is tough, making money is tougher, and finding that special someone is probably the toughest. I’ve burned a few bridges in 800 days time, I better start building new bridges to replace the ones I burnt.


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  1. Interesting look on the time you’ve been in Korea. Making steady progress. It’s definitely better than staying the exact same for two whole years, right?

    You and your bridge-burning… You just always gotta go and burn them, don’t you.

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