cloudWelcome to my humble abode on the internet.

It’s already 2013. I’ve been in Korea for almost 3 years now..spanning over 1000 days.

I haven’t made New Years resolutions in a while, why make them if you can’t keep them right??

I recently started a new job and I’m almost settled in except it’s so damn hard to wake up in the morning!! Anyways, my coworkers are cool and they are somewhat understanding of my different ‘cultural upbringing’ (i.e. raised in the States). Winter is in full force in Korea and it’s especially cold in Gangnam..I swear the winds in Gangnam are like knives! No matter how much I wear or cover up, it feels like the cold seeps into my bones. I miss my friends back home, I made some new friends this past year and 2012 was basically pretty up and down (mostly down). I’m going to start anew in 2013, the only way I can go is up! I’m not into resolutions but here are some things on my ‘to do list’ this year.

1. Get a new phone, I’ve used the same phone for 2 years and it’s time for a change – I am leaning heavily towards an LTE/4G phone. Any suggestions would be welcome.
2. Get a girlfriend! haha, just kidding – The old me would have wanted this but the new and older me is much more realistic..
3. Drink less! Seriously, ever since I moved ‘up’ to Seoul I have been drinking on average 4-5 days a week. This must stop or I’ll have a beer belly!
4. Work Hard, Play Harder – This phrase is awesome. Since most of my week I am working (5-6 days/week) whenever I get a day off, I will enjoy it to the fullest!
4a. Sleeping in is great, but I seriously need to be more efficient with my time. Time is money!!
5. Learn a new language. Maybe refresh my Spanish, or learn Chinese??

These are not ‘resolutions’ per se, just a reminder of things I need to get done, prioritized in a list form.
Life is good for me, I just need to stay positive and as they say in Korea “Fighting!!”

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by~


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