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Look forward.

800 days

Hello dear Interweb

I’ve been on my Korean adventure for 800 days now (give or take a few days due to the time zone differences hah). This is not a short amount of time! What have I been doing with these days you may ask. I’ve been working as a public school teacher for 2 years. I’d like to think I am ‘on the way up’ being that I was at a Middle school one year, a High School the next, and etc. To sum up things, my first few months in Korea were tough. I was placed in a VERY rural province with the entire population being about the size of the UT student populace. I wasn’t used to the weather and all that spicy food (ie kimchi!). After a year I decided I wanted to ‘move’ to the capital of the province because in my mind, it HAD to be better than where I was currently staying. I moved and I was right! I had a good time in the capital of Boonieville (yes I made that word up), met some good people, made a few good friends, and had a lot of new ‘firsts.’ To keep this blog PG-rated I won’t go into the detailsΒ but some of my ‘firsts’ border the realm of debauchery hah hah..Now, in my 3rd year here, I have moved to Seoul, the heart of Korea, or the “Soul of Asia” (that’s the marketing slogan here, meh)

Living in Seoul is everything and nothing that I expected it to be. There are tons of people here so it IS lively, but as such there are also lots of unsightly things too, and on a grander scale than when I was living in the boonies. Also, the air in Seoul is definitely more polluted, again probably because of the staggering populace and the staggering amount of cars! Seriously, almost every household seems to have a car, and WHY? Then again, if I ever save up enough money I want to get a car but that’s mostly to impress my future girlfriend but I digress. The people in Seoul are all so busy and a bit rude. I can’t say this is everyone but I’ve had a few encounters with some rude and slightly disturbing people. They say that whenever you go to Seoul that you are ‘on the way up’ (this is the translated version of the Korean saying). I don’t really understand it and I don’t know if I ever will because technically from where I was living previously, my province was NORTH of Seoul. I guess since the ‘olden times’ of Korea, moving to Seoul was a way to ‘move up’ in the social ladder or way of life blah blah blah.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m sick but I am feeling a bit down to be honest these days. I’m sure this will pass and I will be back to my normal brooding self one day. I have seemingly got what I wanted, which was to leave the boonies and move to Seoul..I guess human greed has no limits. I no longer go on as many ‘adventures’ as I used to now that I live in Seoul. I do have a somewhat ‘goal’ taking shape though. Along the way, sometime in the future I would like to visit New York. Apparently according to ‘How I met your mother,’ it’s the greatest city on Earth. Seoul may not be New York, but I think it’s a makeshift wannabe copy, the huge populace can certainly compare.

Growing up is tough, making money is tougher, and finding that special someone is probably the toughest. I’ve burned a few bridges in 800 days time, I better start building new bridges to replace the ones I burnt.


2012 Reflections

I can’t believe it’s already 2012. I’m a year older and I think a year wiser (I hope!)
I stopped doing New Year’s Resolutions a while back so I won’t bother deciding things I can’t (or won’t) keep.
2011 flew by, literally. It seems the older we get, the faster time passes by. I’m halfway to 50 already Yikes!
I think I had a good 2011, didn’t repeat old mistakes, made new ones, but all in all nothing too bad~

Here’s to 2012! (a list)

  • Be a good person
  • Make lots of money (lots is relative I know πŸ˜‰ )
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Get in shape (I’ve lost considerable weight since coming to Korea, now it’s time to make some muscles!)
  • Have a good time
  • Find my path in life (i.e. a career path or what the heck I’m gonna do from now on)
  • Love, Trust, Believe

That’s all I can think of currently. I’m beginning 2012 a bit different than I did 2011. Apparently 2012 is the year of the Dragon (to be specific ‘Gold Dragon’) I wonder what the Dragon has in store for me this year?

I need to get my job situation sorted out…

Happy 2012 World!

Cheers to my friends Joe and David for coming to visit me~I know it wasn’t easy…for all of us hahaha.

Best Birthday Weekend EVER!

It’s already December and ya know what that means?

*drumroll please*


*end drumroll*

Granted there are other people who also have December birthdays but this is my blog and so i’ll be a little self-centered here~

Anyways, I really think I have a knack for meeting and making good people and friends. Compared to my situation last year in ‘utmost boonieville’ the way I made friends isn’t all that much different. For example, I befriended good people at work (ie school) and at the gym. I guess it may be due to the fact that there’s a National University here that there are more people near my age range who I can get familiar with. Maybe it’s just a numbers game (?) Be that as it may I gathered a few of my friends I made this year and began my night~

I’m not the best event planner I just try to keep things simple but even then there can be some snags…I told my friends to meet me up for dinner at 6:30. Everyone showed up around 7…I guess that’s ‘Korean’ time for you or is it Asian time? I was a bit peeved that these guys would show up late but what can I do when their excuse was ‘to get my cake?’ I forgave them and we had dinner. After dinner we took the cake and went to a nearby coffee shop of my choosing. Lo and behold there was a special room just for ME. (I am kidding, apparently it’s a room used for special events ie birthdays)

My friends sang a wonderful tune of “Happy Birthday” first in English and the parts that they didn’t know they continued in Korean! lol πŸ˜€ Oh and the friends I invited to dinner were Tiger, Sean, and uh Jaguar (he’s basically our chauffeur). Now since everyone present was a ‘health guy’ (health in this case means fitness center) we only shared 1 bottle of beer amongst ourselves. The REAL party (ie drinking) would begin much later hah ha h..I think this was the first time I had ever experienced a birthday party with a cake and friends singing for me since like…ever? I won’t go into the details but yeah…most definitely the first time in Korea!

I had a friend from Seoul come visit me too. We’ll call him Dandy and I met him through Tiger, they are neighborhood buds since from ever~ Dandy started the drinking festivities by making me a ‘birthday shot.’ The only time I had ever experienced a ‘birthday’ shot was on my 21st bday way back in Austin, Texas. It was pretty awful tasting but it sure got me drunk quick. I was in no way prepared for what was coming up. The alcohol choices in our drinking place weren’t too varied and so Dandy had to improvise, Korean-style. I won’t go into detail but there was an awful lot of mixing of various things and not all of it was alcohol…

My head was banging the rest of the night, I hadn’t drank so much alcohol I think all year! Ah well, it was my special One day of the year so I’ll be alright. My birthday fell on a Friday this year and in the Korean mispronunciation it sounds like ‘Fly’ day. Time wasn’t the only thing flying that day thats FOR SURE.

Here are some pics. Jaguar wasn’t looking very presentable but what’s new? I was a bright red tomato all night and I didn’t give a fock hehe. Saturday was spent with a special person. Sunday I am busy recovering for the workweek ahead~

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O genki desu ka~

Hello dear readers (I know you’re out there!..somewhere~)

It’s already the end of November and suffice it to say that I haven’t done much. Either that or I’ve done things that can’t be shared with the interworld aka you guys πŸ˜‰

I’m doing pretty well. Thanksgiving passed without much incident (well, they don’t really celebrate it here in Korea so…)I just got me some chicken ‘burger’ from McDonalds and had a few drinks with a friend (my friend didn’t drink b/c he’s a sensible driver!) Oh I’d like to mention 11.11.11 aka Pepero Day aka ‘once in a millenium day!’

That is all..there I mentioned it, hah hah

I got back into going to the gym again, it’s become a part of my weekly, and weekDAY schedule. My goal as mentioned previous is just to ‘lose fat’ and so yeah, hopefully becoming stronger, healthier, more lean will be a nice side effect πŸ™‚ On a related note: I feel like I go to sleep much better and sleep more soundly after I work out. This good feeling is kind of addicting! hehe

I’ve been growing out my mustache this month of Movember, now that November is coming to an end, I will go back to being clean-shaved. I’ll share the pics right before I shave (which isn’t gonna be today) so yall will just have to wait!

My birthday is coming up soon, I’m mentioning this now because I may or may not write about what I do on my birthday (aka maybe more top-secret, ninja stuff will go down~) I’m sure my birthday will also pass without incident, although I may/possibly/get drunk? πŸ˜€

That’s all for now~thanks for reading!

Truth and Regret

Hello my blog. My blog is my online journal/diary of sorts. I jot down anything that comes to my mind except it’s open for all the world to see. Maybe I am just crying out for attention but I just don’t give a damn…I’ve mentioned previously that writing in my blog is therapeutic for me and I’m currently in need of some therapy and therefore I will write..

I’ve got a lot of regrets in my life. Things I wish I could take back but can’t, things I could have done, should have done, would have done, etc..Today I will share some of those with you (my blog) but FIRST I’ve got some truths to share that I have come across in my life thus far. I’m almost a quarter century old (my birthday hasn’t passed yet hah) and while I’ve still got a lot to learn and go…here goes

  • What comes up, must come down (gravity of life)
  • What goes in, must come out (food among other things)
  • No pain, no gain
  • Loneliness comes and goes
  • I don’t like rainy days
  • I hate insects I think they should not exist at ALL
  • Shin Ramyun is spicy. (The chinese character for ‘spicy’ is pronounced Shin in Korean)
  • Everyone has problems
  • nobody is perfect
  • nothing lasts forever (well, an interesting documentary i saw about music would have to disagree heh)
  • the future is uncertain
  • hindsight is 20-20
  • this is a quote from a korean movie i saw i’ll write the korean and then translate it.
  • “μ„Έμƒμ—μ„œ 제일 μ€‘μš”ν•œ ‘금’은 세가지 μžˆμ–΄, μ²«μ œλŠ” λˆ„κ΅¬λ‚˜μ’‹μ•„ν•˜λŠ” ν™©κΈˆ, λ‘˜μ œλŠ” μ‚¬λžŒμ΄ ν•„μš”ν•œ μ†ŒκΈˆ, λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰μ€…μ§€κΈˆ”
  • “In this world there are three important types of ‘geum’ First is everyone’s favorite ‘hwang geum’ (gold) the Second is what every body needs to live ‘so geum’ (salt), and the Last…is ‘jee geum’ (the present aka now)”

Now I will make some hypothetical maybe even rhetorical questions, please bear with me..

  • What if I had a girlfriend in high school/college?
  • What if I had gone to UTD instead of UT?
  • What if I had studied harder at UT instead of ‘wasting’ my time drinking and partying for 2 years..
  • What if I hadn’t chosen Advertising as my major?
  • What if I never knew about my past..?
  • What if I was born in Korea?
  • What if I got a job in the US?
  • What if I never came to Korea?
  • What if I never broke up with my ex-girlfriend…

These days I am in particular regret about the last one. I won’t got into the details but I was the one to break up with my ex, and it was both messy and clean. Messy in the sense that I’ve obviously got complicated emotions about it and clean in the sense that..she got the message loud and clear (maybe a little too clear is the problem)

It’s November and I guess this is the last of autumn(fall). My season is almost over…I say to everyone who will listen that I have ‘given up’ on getting a girlfriend this year. Obviously the future is unknown but yeah I guess maybe if I keep telling myself this shit I will get used to it…

11.11.11 is coming up soon, in Korea 11.11 is also known as ‘Pepero Day’ because ‘pepero’ is a chocolate cookie type snack that looks like a 1. Basically it’s a marketing ploy and apparently a big deal for couples where the guy (usually) buys his girlfriend some ‘pepero’ and then other gifts to celebrate it…pretty clever marketing ploy (from a strictly advertising point of view) I would also like to participate if only because the numbers line up so well this particular year. The year two thousand Eleven, in the Eleventh month, on the Eleventh day; pretty symbolic if ya ask me but you didn’t but i’ll tell you anyway becuz I can!

I need to lose weight aka fat aka lower my body fat percentage to respectable levels…(TRUTH)

My father

Well this weekend was super-packed and eventful. Friday-Sunday just flew by! To recap on Friday, I had planned on just chilling at home when my friend Jaguar invited me to go to his home in Ilsan (I guess this would be a ‘suburb’ outside of Seoul). I deliberated a bit and then decided to go. What a good choice I made! Ilsan is a quite lively place! Friday night I was feeling a bit ‘down’ and I wanted to get drunk (or just enjoy some drinks). Now Jaguar, being the health-freak (I’m using ‘health’ in the Korean definition in this case ‘fitness’) does NOT drink. But, being the pal he is he said he would provide me company and drink ONE beer while I got plastered (haha jk~) We went to a bar that Jaguar knew called ‘Siesta.’ Interesting name for an interesting bar. The interior struck me as being pretty high-class and the prices for drinks only confirmed it. On a side note; we also got a really cute/hot/attractive barkeep to keep us company! I was never so nervous as I was that night in a bar that’s for sure~~Anyways we had our drinks (Jaguar kept a good 1:4 ratio with me, he only had like half a beer…) and I had a great time. (Maybe it was due to there being an attractive girl at the bar but I wasn’t getting drunk that night AND I didn’t give a damn! :D)

We ended up back at Jag’s place around 5am and stealthily sneaked into his home because as Jaguar puts it “My father does not like to have his sleep interrupted..” I nodded along and quickly got into my ‘shinobi-mode’ and went to sleep. The next morning I was introduced to Jag’s mom. She is quite the tall lady (or I’m just short 😦 ) We had a GREAT late lunch with various side dishes I won’t even begin to try to name but trust me they were good OH and we had really good Honeydew melon and grapes (The melon was seriously seriously tasted like honey, OMG I wanna eat it againnn *wipes drool*)

Jag had to get a haircut and so we went back to ‘downtown’ Ilsan, a place called “La Festa” (Notice the Spanish usage here? Yeah, very good I know πŸ™‚ It was so PACKED full of people and lots and lots of let’s just say..eye candy heh heh. (but gdamn these girls are TALL!! what the heck do they EAT??) I accompanied Jag while he got his hair done at ‘Juno Hair’ (a popular and EXPENSIVE hair franchise in Korea) afterwards I had to bounce because I had to attend my friend Justin’s bday party extravabananza in Apgujeong. On the subway to Apgujeong (it’s on the same line as Ilsan!) I took some ‘secret stuff’ to help me better deal with the amount of alcohol I knew I would have to drink and thought happy thoughts about the possible ‘eye candy’ in Apgujeong. You see, Apgujeong apparently is where all the ‘rich’ folks and couples go to ‘play’ aka hang out. Also the best plastic surgeons in Korea reside here and so uh well, I’m sure their clients come here too πŸ˜‰ *wink wink. At last I made it to Apgujeong but maybe because either a) It was still too early in the night or b) It was too late in the day that I didn’t see as much eye candy as I had hoped. Ah well, better luck next time~

I attended Justin’s birthday get together and I got drunk. The end.

Hahaha got you! πŸ˜› I ended up staying up all night to catch the first subway back to my town which I thought was at 5am but instead on Sundays its at 5:40, but then once I got ON the sub didn’t take off until 5:45. WTF!!! I was supremely tired when I got into bed around 7:30am…I slept until I heard my phone ring around noon and it was my dad telling me that he was on his way. I proceeded to get up, drink some water, and fell right back to sleep until 1:30 when my phone rang again…

Finally after almost 2 years I met my dad again. He hadn’t changed much except his hair was unnaturally black, I commented on this and yes he told me he had started dying it black. (I remember him having a some white hairs back in Texas) My dad was accompanied by his old friend and high school classmate Jung Ui Taek μ •μ˜νƒ. Mr. Jung told me he and my dad were basically like ‘brothers’ and so that made Mr. Jung basically my ‘uncle’ aka μ‚Όμ΄Œ (sahm chon) heh.

We talked the usual yakity yak and then proceeded to Soyang Dam which is pretty damn big (hehe don’t mind me~)
Here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure

Damn big dam!

After that we had a late lunch/early dinner of my town’s specialty λ‹­κΈΈλΉ„ aka chicken galbi (ribs) and λ§‰κ΅­μˆ˜ (noodles). After getting some food (I was effing starving!) we headed to a scenic coffee shop called Santorini on the nearby Gubong-san (san means mountain). Santorini has in my opinion, the best view of my city. You can clearly see the building and such landscape from here. Oh here’s another picture…

You can see the city in the background, it looks even better even later!





I apologize for my poor state of fashion-ness. I didn’t get much sleep, hadn’t showered and was in a rush today.

Meeting a new ‘Uncle’ was a pleasant experience as well. He’s an interesting dude and he told me interesting things about my dad in his younger years. While I always respected my dad, that respect was tied to the fear I had of him. Now, the fear is gone and only the respect remains. Oh and apparently my father was quite ‘popular with the ladies’ back in the day, heh I respect that (highly!).

I didn’t get to spend much time with dad today but it was short and sweet and not at all unpleasant (well getting up was unpleasant though hah). I hope my dad makes a full recovery and enjoys the rest of his stay in Korea. He tells me that he would like to live in Korea someday and while the old ‘me’ would have shuddered at the thought; I’m now quite nonchalant about the matter. It would be nice for him to get back to his roots and meet up his old friends and etc. I guess I’ve grown up a bit (not physically though πŸ˜‰ )

That’s all folks~hope you enjoyed reading my blog as much I enjoyed writing it!!


October – Fall classic

So it’s October now. I’m not normally a baseball fan but my hometown Texas Rangers are in the World Series! WOOT! The NBA is in a lockout unfortunately and the Dallas Cowboys are doing pretty poorly so Yay go Rangers!!

That’s all I’ll touch on with sports.

This post will be more rambling from me as I only have about 10 minutes to write it.

  • It’s almost 0 degrees C these days, I’m damn cold!
  • I’m still nervous around girls.
  • I am eagerly awaiting my paycheck..
  • I need to go shopping for clothes…
  • Tuesdays are my worst day at work, 1st graders are so hard to deal with!
  • (related) if I don’t have a crappy Monday, then Tuesday will come back to bite me.
  • Started hitting the gym again, put in a good 45 mins, my body is not liking me this morning…
  • I am still too sensitive about things.
  • Started reading again although it is an e-book.
  • My Korean language ability goes up and down depending on my mood.
  • I don’t like ‘fake’ people but I think I’m becoming ‘faker’ everyday.
  • I need to set some goals…
  • I am awkward and weird and maybe a bit pushy.
  • My mood fluctuates throughout the day.
  • I don’t want/need your pity.
  • Alcohol is good in small doses. Although going on a binge is sometimes called for~
  • I wonder what I’ll be doing in 1 months time?