At work

1300 days

I can’t believe I’ve been here this long..

It was relatively easy for me to leave the states. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to go back.

I won’t go into too many details here but..these days I feel like a Robot. Everyday doing monotonous work, going through the motions, punch in..punch out~Eat.Sleep.Repeat

I don’t know the answer to my questions. Hell I don’t even know what question to begin with!

My body is breaking down. Slowly but surely.

Living in Gangnam is not all that it’s cracked up to be. (Or maybe I just need some crack? Lol)

In reference to the Bible..Gangnam could be Sodom (but on a much larger scale). I’m a sinner..winner of a chicken dinner. (With some beer on the side~)

Control. Discipline. Positive thinking. The sun will rise tomorrow

I can do it
Strength !!


Oppa Gangnam style~

Hello world it’s been awhile.

I’m sure you know what my title is talking about. That totally fantabulous song by the Korean rapper PSY! I won’t go into it too much but I just wanted to share that I live in Gangnam now. Social commentary on Korea aside, Gangnam is pretty nice to live some respects. The fact that so much of the country’s top businesses are here means that it’s not the cleanest place to live. However, where there’s money, there are tons of hot girls! (and hot girls are always a sight for sore eyes) That being said, it’s unfortunate (?) that although there are many hot girls they all sort of look alike. Maybe this is due to the fact that Gangnam has the most plastic surgery clinics all centrally located.

This leads me to my topic of finally getting a full time job after several months of either being jobless or working part time (mostly the former). My full time job is conveniently at a plastic surgery clinic! Ha ha hah..what a twist eh? Now, the position I am working is a part of the “Global Business” team and I am the ‘English expert.’ I am in the office for at least 10 hours a day with a 1 hour lunch break. However, even though this is my first ‘real job’ working for corporate Korea is not easy. Long hours with no overtime pay and even worse I hardly get any vacation, I even work Saturdays! I will not give up though. This job will give me good experience and help me grow and learn more about Korean culture as well as Advertising/Marketing/Business related stuff. I see it as this way. I am thankful for the opportunity and even though the pay is pretty weak, I work for a plastic surgery clinic! If I work hard and get recognition here maybe I will get a nice pay boost.

I am thankful for many things and count my blessings everyday. Living in Gangnam definitely has its perk including 24-hour everything! (almost) I can get food delivered 24/7, even call something of a ‘maid service’ to clean my house or an ‘errand boy’ to get me medicine when I am sick. No wonder living here costs so damn much because of the convenience especially the transportation! I have access to 4 different subway lines, 2 are between 5-15 minutes away and 2 are between 15-20 minutes walking distance. I did not even mention the huge amount of buses I can take to almost anywhere within Seoul and surrounding suburbs. Anyways, I can legitimately tell a younger woman I encounter and say “Oppa Gangnam style” because I live in Gangnam hehe..

Unfortunately, ‘Gangnam style’ has been way too overplayed. Props to PSY for making such an addictive and hilarious song/music video. I’ll end with a picture. I thought it was effing hilarious!

Batman the badass!
Poor Robin 😛

O genki desu ka~

Hello dear readers (I know you’re out there!..somewhere~)

It’s already the end of November and suffice it to say that I haven’t done much. Either that or I’ve done things that can’t be shared with the interworld aka you guys 😉

I’m doing pretty well. Thanksgiving passed without much incident (well, they don’t really celebrate it here in Korea so…)I just got me some chicken ‘burger’ from McDonalds and had a few drinks with a friend (my friend didn’t drink b/c he’s a sensible driver!) Oh I’d like to mention 11.11.11 aka Pepero Day aka ‘once in a millenium day!’

That is all..there I mentioned it, hah hah

I got back into going to the gym again, it’s become a part of my weekly, and weekDAY schedule. My goal as mentioned previous is just to ‘lose fat’ and so yeah, hopefully becoming stronger, healthier, more lean will be a nice side effect 🙂 On a related note: I feel like I go to sleep much better and sleep more soundly after I work out. This good feeling is kind of addicting! hehe

I’ve been growing out my mustache this month of Movember, now that November is coming to an end, I will go back to being clean-shaved. I’ll share the pics right before I shave (which isn’t gonna be today) so yall will just have to wait!

My birthday is coming up soon, I’m mentioning this now because I may or may not write about what I do on my birthday (aka maybe more top-secret, ninja stuff will go down~) I’m sure my birthday will also pass without incident, although I may/possibly/get drunk? 😀

That’s all for now~thanks for reading!

I love sweat.

“I love sweat”
No I’m not being serious but this is a serious marketing slogan of a certain product here in Korea. I never knew about this product before coming here and because of the name (and marketing slogan) I avoided it somewhat. However! This stuff is pretty good, it’s called Pocari Sweat and it looks like this

I love sweat

Those clever (insidious?) guys over in Japan came up with this sweaty concoction. It’s basically the equivalent of Gatorade except it looks like sweat. That being said, the taste is…interesting. It kind of tastes like sweat! Hahaha~Nevertheless I sometimes pick some of this stuff up after working out because what better way to replace my hard earned sweat…with some Pocari Sweat!! Jokes aside, I like(?) this drink because it tastes less sweet than other ‘sports drinks’ That and because I’m tired of drinking the one flavor of Gatorade/Powerade that they have here…(Seriously, only Lemon-Lime Gatorade and Mountain Blast Powerade!? WTF)

Now why am I touching on this ‘sweaty’ topic? Because it’s damn HOT and I could sure use some right now! hahaha

I’m going to go drink some as soon as I get home…like a drug addict craving his fix, I need my Pocari Sweat!!!

*More random nonsense* (some of these are from more songs I like)
– Time is a healer, FreeTempo, Daishi Dance
– Love Shines Through, Break my Fall, Love comes Again
– Learn from your mistakes.
– What goes around comes around (take THAT LeBron James!)
– The mind is a powerful thing to waste. (Mind over matter)
– It’s all in your head (or MY head)
– Suburban Train

And in closing here are some celebratory pics of the new 2011 NBA Champions my hometown Dallas Mavericks!!!

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Memorial Day and beyond

So I only slept 2 hours(or less) last night and so I’m a bit woozy in the head…Hungover plus being exhausted is definitely a BAD way to start the day haha.

Fortunately for me there are many ways to ‘get over’ a hangover. First and foremost is drinking plenty of fluids but apparently Koreans have taken it a step further with ‘hangover drinks.’ Fortunately I didn’t need to use one of these on this particular occasion heh heh.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up in Korea and I lucked out in that my last two classes were CANCELLED (yay!). *on a side note: the Dallas Mavericks are all square in the NBA finals (yay again.)

Now I’ve got Korean blood in my veins and so I would like to take a moment to remember the Korean War. (one..and..two..and done 😉

I don’t have anything in particular planned this weekend but I’m sure alcohol will be involved. Because everyone knows that to celebrate ‘our’ great veterans we need to drink moderately (ha!)

It’s funny how the human body can adapt to almost any situation…In my case, working on 2 hours of sleep. While it was damn awful getting up this morning, by the time I had some lunch my day has cleared up for the better!

It’s getting hot these days again. The circle of life continues…like perpetual motion.

More nonsense as follows:

Hindsight is 20-20.
Alcohol in moderation is GOOD!
Being single is…
My haircut is a bit too short.
I’m handsome.
I tend to underestimate myself to stay humble but actually I do it far too often.
Thinking outside the box…
Learn from your mistakes
Rhythm is a dancer
ATB is probably my newest favorite old DJ
I like to chill…a bit too much. Gonna have to work on that one *wink 😉
Two negatives make a positive and vice versa!?
You’re not alone (as in aliens are REAL haha just kidding…or am I?)_

Thanks for reading.

everything’s gonna be alright.

Rainy today…

Most of the time I don’t care for rainy days, that is to say that I don’t like them one bit. However, today I’m feeling a bit sentimental if you will and it’s not a bad feeling at all. It’s the kind of rain that could be described as a drizzle or even something more insignificant. This rain will probably last all day long and while it certainly puts a damper on my mood, I guess I appreciate the cool temperature that will surely come ‘after the rain.’ (ameagari)

Anyways, rain is a necessary part of nature. (although it can be quite messy, and I don’t like messes heh heh)

I’ll end with some random gibberish that may make sense, if you are as ‘enlightened’ as I am. (or even if you’re not and you don’t get what I’m saying it’s quite alright)

Time heals…
It’s all in your head (Mind over matter)
Music is wonderful (although I prefer some ‘weird’ stuff)
Mainstream is downstream…
Girls are complex (and confusing as $#@!)
Life…is living
Coffee really works (or maybe it’s just in my head)

The one thing I regret…
Don’t repeat the same mistakes.
Forgive but don’t forget.
Two birds with one stone (this is freaking global!)

With age comes wisdom…sometimes 🙂
Stress is the biggest piece of locomotion EVER
Come what may…
the Future is not predetermined.

Peace and take care..

Multiple occurences

So I have been told on several occasions that I slightly resemble the late Korean actor and celebrity Park Yong Ha.

Now I’m sure it may be that the people around me are just ‘being nice.’ However, both guys and girls think the same thing. So here is another look at the Korean celebrity I resemble.

I’m quite flattered by these comments. I think he’s a good looking guy and he was quite successful too!

I hope I can be successful like him.

I looked up his profile and it seems our builds are similar too, except I’m like 10 kilos heavier than he is 😦

Guess I gotta ways to go if I wanna look like this..


That’s all for today.

Later World…